"You're my hero"Louis: “Ow shit” you muttered as you flipped the page of the book you were reading on the sofa, and the page left an angry paper cut on your thumb. “What? What happened?” Louis asked, flying into the room from the kitchen. “I’m fine, just a paper cut, ew” you groaned seeing a few drops of blood leaking out. Suddenly Louis was out of the room, then back in a flash with a box of bandages in his hands. “There’s stripes and polka dots in here, a crucial decision” he announces broadly, handing you the box as you laughed and fished a pink polka dotted bandage form the box. “There’s the right choice” Louis chuckled, unwrapping and placing the bandage over your finger, pressing a kiss to the – now covered – cut. “Good as new!” he exclaims happily, kissing your cheek with a smile on his face. “You’re my hero, superman”
Liam: Bolting off the stage for the wardrobe change halfway through the concert, his eyes met yours and he sighed in relief. “My hero!” Liam exclaimed, flying past stage directors to pull your body into a tight bear hug, so tight that you were laughing in gaspy breaths, your feet a few inches off the floor. “You’re crushing the food I waited in line to get you, idiot” you chuckled, stepping back and handing him the slightly squished bag of McDonald’s from your purse. He quickly scarfed down the fries from the bag, before popping a piece of gum into his mouth and lifting you up again, pulling you in for a hard and giggly kiss. “Thank you, I may have died!” he cries dramatically, setting you down and pressing a kiss to your forehead, before saying a quiet goodbye and running off in the direction of the other boys.
Harry: You jolted awake from your slumber, bolting upright and immediately waking Harry. “shh, shh you’re okay, it was a dream” he coos softly, knowing already what had happened. He pulled the blanket further over the two of you, pulling your body against his and sighing contentedly as your buried your face into the curve of his neck and his shoulder. Humming softly, twirling strands of your tangled hair between his long fingers. You whimpered slightly, causing an instinctive hush to fall from his parted lips. “I’m not gonna let anything happen to you silly, I’ll protect you, you’re safe with me” he repeated softly into your hair, pressing gentle kisses there and stroking your back rhythmically. You breathed out in relief, cuddling in closer and mumbling sleepily, something that sounded like, “You’re my hero”
Zayn: “Please” you sobbed into the phone, and he growled a bit, mumbling, “stay on the phone, don’t move” You nodded, though he couldn’t see you and sniffled quietly, trembling as your father’s footsteps echoed louder and louder to the room you were hiding in. Huddled in the back corner of your closet, your body shook with sobs as you listened to his drunken body stumble through the house. You heard the front door slam open and a confused slur of profanities spill from your dad’s mouth. A scuffle was heard, grunts and shouts playing through your mind before a thud sounded throughout the now quiet house, and you trembled, not sure of who it could have been. But when his soothing voice cooed your name softly, you choked out a sob, flying out of your spot and into his arms, shaking with relieved cries. “you’re okay, god you’re okay, no one’s gonna hurt you now” you breathed heavily, clinging to his body and mumbling over and over, “y-you’re my hero”
Niall: “Ah! Niall!” you squealed, curling your legs underneath you and holding a pillow in front of your bed, making yourself as small as possible. His feet came pounding up the steps as you yelped again, “Niall!” the door flew open, a flustered looking Niall bounding into the room. “What? Oh my god are you okay?!” he exclaims. “S-spider!” you squeak, pointing to the small black insect on the sheets near where your feet once were. He chuckles a bit, grabbing a tissue from atop the dresser, and killing the spider, tossing the remnants in the trash in the bathroom and running back to the room and diving under the covers with you. “the monster is slain m’lady” he exudes in a posh accent. “why thank you good sir, you’re my hero!” you chirp in an overly feminine accent. He laughed, nuzzling into your neck, pressing a quick kiss there. “love you…”

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